The Natural Circus
Learning to Listen
2010 - 2018

For quite some time The Natural Circus was a sort of overall name for my sharings and wanderings.

Not unlike a wandering monk or a pilgrim, or at times a traveling researcher, I roamed in and out of cultural contexts and natural environments.

Here and there, I passed on information on various practices and approaches from one bioregion to the other.

Also, the Natural Circus was my form of resistance.

It was a conscious and necessary inquiry and consequent retreat from ways of thought and operation that, to my understanding, did not honor the well-being of all life.

It was (and is in a way) an alert way of non-cooperation/participation; an ongoing strike, that at the same time, here and there, points at alternatives and transcendence.

At one point of my travels I had the pleasure and fortune to meet Jay Griffith in Berlin.
Jay is a wonderful writer from the UK.
Quite some time later I received this essay.
It surely fits the The Natural Circus, dealing with an important issue of its context.
'A Beggarly Account of Empty Boxes - Of homesickness, homelessness and homehunger'.

The Natural Circus - an outline

The Natural Circus wants to celebrate the beauty of the ephemeral, of ‘being in the moment’, the wonderful possibility to perceive and communicate poetic experiences.

It is this realm where we touch upon the fundamentals of how life unfolds, of how ecosystems develop and interact: it all emerges out of the moment.

Consequently, as a 'project', The Natural Circus interrelates encounters with places and spaces, with poets and storytellers of all kind, communicating the ever-changing poetry of life.

The Natural Circus intends to support a shift of paradigm in our way of perceiving and thinking, from a worldview based on separation to an understanding of interdependence, interconnectivity and constant transformation.

The realization that fundamentally there is no distinction between ourselves, the other and the so-called environment is at the heart of sustainable or natural cultures:
It ultimately is the world that is being perceived and loved as Self.”

Diary 2010 - 2014
Diary 2014 - 2018

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